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Don’t Forget about Gum Health!

Don't Forget about Gum Health! While we often stress the importance of taking good care of your teeth, it is also very important to consider the health of your gums. As the soft tissue that protects your bones from bacteria, your gums carry quite the responsibility. Should they become irritated, they hold a lot of sway with what…
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One Bad Tooth Affects the Whole Mouth

One Bad Tooth Affects the Whole Mouth It's safe to say that everybody hates a toothache. Sometimes tooth pain just pops up out of nowhere and subsides, and sometimes it lingers and makes life miserable. The challenge with toothaches is that they generate from different places and for different reasons, making it quite a chore to find the…
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Which Type of Dental Patient Are You?

Which Type of Dental Patient Are You? There are a number of people who are looking for the perfect smile -- and that means something different for each person. While we pride ourselves on offering a regimen of care that's uniquely tailored to each dental patient, most of them fall under three general types. With…
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