Perfect Smile

Perfect Smile

A perfect smile is not necessarily a "Hollywood smile", although we can in most cases do that for you. We strive, rather, to make your smile look as natural and harmonious as possible with your facial proportions, features, colorations, lifestyle and personality.

Consider the following to determine where you might see yourself:

  • The patient who is interested in appearance enhancement.
    • Imagine beautiful straight teeth with or without orthodontics. A beautiful white smile that would brighten anyone's day.
  • The patient who is interested in structure and function.
    • Imagine being able to chew easier or being able to speak clearly without lisping or whistling due to our using a natural feeling tooth enhancement or replacement.
  • The patient who would just like to be pain free.
    • Imagine being able to prevent emergency visits due to broken teeth, sensitive teeth or gums and being able to maintain them easily.


All of this and more is possible with today's dentistry including:

  • Orthodontics, porcelain laminates, reshaping and whitening teeth safely for the appearance enhancement patient;
  • Crowns, bridges and implants to secure and replace teeth or dentures or partial dentures for the patient interested in structure and function;
  • Old "filling" replacement with better materials, desensitizing procedures, comfortable dental cleanings, and nutritional counseling.