Why Dr. Chirillo

 Why Choose Dr. Chirillo

Florida welcomed my family and me 45 years ago. I have been practicing dentistry in Florida for 29 years.

I am motivated simply by doing good in return encourage others to do the same. I really enjoy helping make beneficial changes in others' lives; and, the dental profession has allowed me to do just that, whether it be a healthy change, a structural/functional change, an appearance enhancement change, or certainly more often than not, a change in all three.

I also enjoy working with a great team dedicated health care professionals including my own fantastic staff and specialists to whom we may refer our patients. A short summary of what we are happy to do for our patients is to listen, to educate on the latest in dentistry, to allow options from which they may choose to customize a treatment plan to fit their needs, to offer quality products and services and do it all at an affordable fee.

And yes, we happily welcome new patients. If you call our office our friendly staff will greet you. If you would like to speak with me personally, I would be happy to do so or would return your call promptly.


We offer our patients the opportunity to join us on our journey toward complete oral health excellence. We always strive to identify the individual needs of each patient, and make customized treatment recommendations. Through the process of education and mutually beneficial decision making, we motivate them toward the desire to obtain optimal oral health.

Our Objectives Are

  • to prevent the initiation and continuation of dental disease;
  • to treat current pathology utilizing the latest research and technology available in combination with quality techniques;
  • to motivate patients to accept the responsibility for their own oral health;
  • to provide supportive, consistent, friendly and caring service at all times;
  • to develop a preferred practice that emphasizes appearance enhancement dentistry based on total health and
  • to grow the practice through the internal referral process of satisfied patients and a star reputation in the community.