Is Your Dentist Doing Enough for You?

Is Your Dentist Doing Enough for You?

Just as with your family physician, choosing a family dentist for long-term care is the best way to ensure optimum wellness for yourself and your loved ones. In this fast-paced world, oral health often gets overlooked; many people think their teeth are covered by occasional visits to whatever dentist accepts their chosen insurance plan. However, a long-term relationship with a dental team promotes health that extends far beyond the mouth and teeth.

Though some may have a fear of going to the dentist, more often than not, it is because they have not found the right dentist. To get the care you and your mouth deserve, there are a few things you should expect from your dentist.

  1. Your dentist needs to get acquainted with you as a person to best serve your personal needs and make sure your expectations are met.
    Maintaining a long-term relationship with a dentist simply makes it feel more like a family. For both our staff and our patients, it's nice to know names and have some insight into what's going on in your life beyond your mouth. As part of the Dentistry by Design family, our staff are better able to understand your special needs, likes, dislikes, and what's going to make your experience at our practice the best it can be. Many people are already pretty anxious about seeing the dentist in the first place, and having a dentist you know and trust can go a long way in easing some of that anxiety.
  2. Your dentist needs to empower you to make informed decisions by providing you with the latest findings on diagnoses and your best options in treating them.
    While it's true that any dentist can fill a cavity, and any dental hygienist can clean your teeth, developing a relationship with dental professionals through routine screenings and cleanings enables us to recognize changes and identify concerns related to your oral health. Scheduling regular checkups can also empower your dentist to know how quickly plaque and decay form in your mouth. Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body, and everything of sustenance passes through it to keep you living the life you want. Cultivating a relationship with a family dentist is like cultivating a relationship with the gatekeepers to your good health.
  3. Your dentist should offer treatment based on your needs, rather than what insurance or another third party dictates.
    Be aware that insurance-based dental practices do not always disclose what treatment is best for you, and this can include treatment options that your insurance company doesn't cover. Even if your insurance doesn't cover certain treatments, knowing they are available to you is critical to making an informed decision for long-term oral health and well-functioning dentition. A true health care professional will not only ensure that you get the care you need; he or she will work with your financial needs as well.

After all, your mouth is not only of importance to your physical health, but your smile in particular is of great importance to your emotional health. Enhancing your smile to be harmonious with your facial proportions, features, coloration, lifestyle, and personality help you to see the world with the knowledge that the world sees you back, the way you want to be seen.

Does your dentist do these things for you? Dr Chirillo's patients get the comfort of knowing they have a valuable partner on the path to achieving their best health. Dr. Chirillo's decades of experience as a professional dentist have proven that the best approach to that journey is a customized, preventative, and consistent plan of care.

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